What is a Section 21 Notice?

When a person lends a property on rent, he and the landlord enters in an agreement that includes the amount of rent and validation of the contract. When the contract expires, it’s time to renew the contract or the tenants need to vacate the building. Section 21 notice is a formal notice send to the tenants about their agreement expiration and it informs them that the landlord wants them to vacate the building. You can easily find free sample notices online to help yourself to write any legal notice properly.

Brief Description of Section 21 Notice:

section-21-noticeWhen a person lends a building or house for residential purposes, both the landlord and the tenant enter in a mutual agreement and with that agreement, they are legally bound to obey all the rules and regulations. For example, if the agreement says that the tenants can’t have any kind of pets in the building, the tenants have to obey that law and if one is found with any kind of pet in the building, landlord can send him a section 21 notice in order to ask him to vacate the building.

In the same manner, if a tenant didn’t pay his rent on time, landlord has the right to ask him to pay for the rent or leave the building within 2-3 days. The duration that the tenants are allowed to stay in the building until they found another place, depends on the owner of the building. Some owners give 1 week notice where some give 3-4 weeks’ notice. keep in mind that even if they owner agreed to let the tenant stay at least 1 year in building, he can ask him to vacate if he violates any rules before 1 year.

Elements of a Section 21 Notice:

  • Name of the owner of the building
  • Address of the building
  • Date of issuance of the notice
  • Name of the tenant(s)
  • Reasons of sending the notice
  • Available days for the tenants to vacate the building

Purposes of a Section 21 Notice:

There are many purposes of sending a section 21 notice but the most important and key purpose is to give a chance to the tenants so that they can explain themselves. It is possible that even if a tenant violated the agreement or didn’t pay the rent installment on time, he has some possible explanation for that which he can explain in front of the landlord. This way they both can save their time, money and efforts of fighting with each other and filing cases against one another.

Where to find a Section 21 Notice?

Each country has its own kind of section 21 notices and there are separate government departments that deal with this kind of matter. You can contact your local government department of renting and vacating to get a section 21 notice which you can easily fill by yourself and then send it to the tenants. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, you can easily download these notices from internet. There are many websites that have huge number of notices of different kinds and you can easily take one of your own requirements.

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