7 Free Car Wash Brochure/Flyer Templates

Car wash brochures are used by various car wash companies to attract and retain customers. Since people lead hectic lives and they barely have a minute to oneself, let alone the vehicles, many people prefer handing their cars over to the car washes where they know they would get a spick and span car in no time at all. Car wash businesses are emerging day by day due to the demand of someone cleaning the cars of busy people. Due to the increase in competition and increase in the number of car washes in the area, various car wash businesses are trying various tactics to let people know about their business, which they are and what is that one element that sets them apart from the other car washing businesses in the area. The best way to do this is to make a brochure which would include in detail all the aspects that the car wash business needs to inform their potential customers along with any information which they know would instantly attract potential clientele.

To design an effective car wash brochure, it is best to use colors which would enable the clientele to be able to link to a car wash and which are eye catching as well. Using a color palette that has blues, whites and orange or reds are an instant hit and would easily attract the eye of people. Always remember that when using such diverse and bold colors, it is best to use them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t look like a disaster. The correct use of shades and colors will make the brochure an instant hit within the customers. Next comes in the font. Since the brochure in question is a car wash one, a bubbly and fun font would do and psychologically would help the customers in associating the font with a car wash. Just ensure that the bubbly and fun font is readable and suits with the rest of the brochure. Choose the size of the font that is both readable. It isn’t too big that all the brochure contains is words and it isn’t too small that the customer cannot read the brochure. One of the best ways to design an aesthetically pleasing and eye catching brochure is by pictures. Many times, customers aren’t interested in the content of the brochure but in the images that the brochure has. Customers and clientele are known to pass a judgement about the authenticity of the brochure if they find the images to be fake or taken off the internet. It is advisable that the images that are used in the brochure are own and copyrighted or if they aren’t, then search the internet thoroughly to find ones which look genuine. Do not pick ones that are on the first page of the search. The content of your brochure shouldn’t be too long and boring and neither should it be vague. Invest in good content writers. Make sure that the logo and the contact of the organization or the car wash business is mentioned on every page of the brochure.

Here is a collection of good looking Car Wash Flyers and Brochure Designs available freely online.

Car Wash Flyer Template – WordTemplates.org

This car wash flyer is really good in design and the best part is that its created using MS Word so anyone can easily edit it.

Car Wash Flyer Design

Car Wash Flyer Template – AFlyerTemplate.org

Here is another simple yet good looking Car Wash flyer that can easily  be tailored to any specific requirements.

Car Wash Flyer Template

Car Wash Flyer Template (Photoshop Template PSD) – FlyerTemplates.org

Here is another good looking Car Wash Flyer created to be used by Professionals for professional standard printing process. This flyer design is created using Adobe Photoshop to help designers in creating such kind of brochures.

Car Wash Flyer Design Template

Car Wash Flyer Template – WordTemplates16.com

Here is another simple yet quick seed to get started with your own design by using MS Word simply.

Car Wash Flyer Template

Car Wash Flyer Template – MyWordTemplates.org

Here is another good looking flyer template but simply created with MS Word. Such MS Word Flyer Templates are easier for a home PC User to print their own flyers quickly.

car wash flyer template

Car Wash Brochure – PosterMyWall.com

Here is another good looking Car Wash Brochure but it is not Free. Even though you have to pay for its High Quality Version to download, yet it allows you to customize this flyer online without using any 3rd party software.

Car Wash Brochure

Car Wash Flyer Template – FreeOnlineFlyers.com

Here is another good looking Car Wash flyer Template. Good to have it in your collection.

Sample Car Wash Flyer Template



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