Should I Add LinkedIn to my Resume?

Social networking world has become very important in our daily lives and many of us have created our accounts on different social websites. LinkedIn is one of those social websites that helps the individuals to come on this forum and get involved into different activities. This social websites are equally important for job seekers. You can not only post your resume but can also create a social network for other job seekers to have opportunities according to their caliber.

LinkedIn is one of professional and social websites that is constructed in December 2002 and is available for users from May 2003. Half of users of this site are from United States out of 55 million and half are from rest of globe. Some characteristics of this social site are:

  • This website is used to get introduction of your desired person having trusted contact with him/her.
  • A popular forum specifically for job seekers.
  • Jobseekers can review the profiles of hiring authorities to find out their existing contacts to get introduction with them.

If job seekers think that can they add LinkedIn to their resume, they are right as it has become a cornerstone for job seekers. Adding LinkedIn in the resume is definitely a good idea as you can increase employment level and boost up your career. But before adding it in your resume, you must consider some important points that include:

  • Your resume and LinkedIn page must match with each other for compatibility.
  • Try to have accurate, impressive and professional looking resume to connect with LinkedIn page.
  • Your resume must be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

LinkedIn and Profile Enhancement

Having LinkedIn with your resume will provide you an opportunity to enhance your profile that you cannot do just having resume. Your professional and personal contacts can be more beneficial for you. At the same time you must be very careful in creating your private profile as employer can check your profile to get an idea about your behavior. If you make fun with your profile it can spoil your image in front of employer.

We can say that adding LinkedIn in your resume is better form all other aspects but you have to show your professional attitude for employer’s convenience to get your desired job.

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