Financial Planning Business Template

A Financial planning form is used to gather finance related information. This information is then analyzed to plan the finances of a person to manage investment, tax, education, estate and retirement issues. This type of form helps to make financial planning in a better way.

Sample Financial Planning template

Please enter your personal details.

Name: ________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Date of birth: _______________ Phone number: ______________________

Employer: _________________ Title: ______________________________

Please enter details of your spouse.

Name of spouse: ________________________________________________

Date of birth: _______________ Phone number: ______________________

Employer: _________________ Title: ______________________________

Date: _____________________

Please mention the worth of your following assets:

Q1. Cash

Q2. Bank accounts

Q3. Short term savings

Q4. Bonds

Q5. Stocks

Q6. Precious metals

Q7. Residence

Q8. Vehicle

Q9. Real estate

Q10. Registered retirement saving plan

Q11.If any other, then please specify ________________________

Q12.Please state all your liabilities: ___________________

Q1. Personal line of credit

Q2. Mortgage on personal residence or investment properties

Q3. Non- deductible debt

Net worth: Assets – Liabilities=

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