Letter Writing by using Letter Templates

A letter is a written document which is sent to one or more receivers by a sender in particular situations. Sometimes it’s not possible to talk to a person on phone or meet him in person so the solution for that problem is a letter. In older times when there was no telephone or internet, people used to communicate with one another only by letters sent through post. And before that when post wasn’t even invented, people sent their letters by hand with the help of a person who was called the mailman of that time or Muslim emperors used to communicate with other leaders through birds. They used to tie the letter to a pigeon or eagle and use it as a medium to communicate.

You can easily and simply download a lot of free sample letters to give you a quick start in the journey of writing professional quality letters.

There are practically thousand types of letters but shortly letters are divided into two basic parts which are:

  • Formal letters
  • Informal letters

Formal Letters:
It’s a letter which is sent and received by business parties or office staff which includes everyone from junior employees to senior management. Obviously it takes more responsibility and consideration to write a formal letter because both parties are officials and there is no chance of letting something go wrong in a formal letter. When an owner of a business writes a letter to another business official, it may be a business proposal to work together, a suggestion to improve his business, a help to improve his own business or something else. When it comes to write a letter inside the organization, it means a letter to official from an employee regarding any suggestions, proposals or problem and vice versa. On the other hand a government official sends a formal letter to his juniors or seniors regarding any problem or situation or just to suggest something. Furthermore a formal letter has following types:

  • Inquiry letter
    a letter to ask details of some dispute or problem inside the organization of institute.
  • Complaint letter
    it’s a letter to protest or criticize against an action or incident happened in a firm.
  • Introduction letter
    it’s a letter to introduce yourself or your product to an official.
  • Sales letter
    it’s an official way to inform the employees or management about the sales of a particular time period.
  • Recommendation letter
    it’s a way to say that the person presenting the letter is trustable and have good qualities to be hired. It’s usually written by a former employer to the interviewer for the new job.
  • Order letter
    it’s a formal letter to ask a company about their products and making an order for those products or services.
  • Speculative letter
    it’s a letter to a company’s official to ask if they a vacancy presently or in near future.
  • Instruction letter
    it’s from upper management to junior employees to tell them a particular way of doing work in the office. It contains a number of coaching instructions to tell the most appropriate way to do a task.

Informal Letters:
Informal letters are those which are written and received by family members, friends and relatives. This may be a communication between one receiver and more. Friends write letters to one another to inform them about their situations and ask about their circumstances. Family members write letters to other members to make sure they are okay and to let them know that everything is alright here. In case of a social gathering like a wedding or a funeral, letters are sent to all the family members to let them know about the happy occasion or sorrowful incident. Unlike formal letters, an informal letter contains whatever needed to write without considering much or being to respective. There is nothing wrong with sending a letter with a little mistake either grammar or spelling inside the family because it’s just a usual way to communicate with family not business officials. There are hundreds of types of informal letters but some of them are following:

  • Friendly letter
    it’s a way of communicating with your friends without any formalities and the key purpose of writing such a letter is to let them know about what’s new with you and knowing about their life.
  • Thank you letter
    it is a letter to say thanks to a person either it’s a friend or family member. If someone has helped you in some particular matter or situation, you write them a letter of saying thank you to let them know that you are very pleased with the way they helped you.
  • Apology letter
    it’s a way to say sorry if you have done something bad to someone or with their life. If you have created a mess and want to be forgiven for your mistake, you write an apology letter to show that you are ashamed of what you did and you strongly promise that it won’t happen again.
  • Invitation letter:
    it’s a letter to invite your loved ones to a ceremony either formal or special. It’s very important to share the happy moments with your relatives so you invite them to occasions like birthdays or weddings or casual parties to celebrate something special.
  • Love letter
    although it’s an informal letter but not to someone it’s addressed to. It’s a way of showing your love towards someone who is very special in your life and he or she is the one that you love the most.
  • Condolence letter
    same as happy moments in a life, it’s very obvious to have some sad occasions too. This type of letter is sent to family members when there is a sad incident like death and you want your relatives to be there to support the each other.